Restoring Pride and Building Sustainability Step by Step

The Footsteps Foundation has been established to create an enabling environment for job creation, poverty reduction, community development and growth


Status of Small Distant Vulnerable Rural Communities (SDVRCs) in the Northern Cape

The Northern Cape has over 200 SDVRCs, many with little vision or hope for the future, other than survival • few prospects for progress • an increasing risk of negative external influences aggravating crime • degradation of natural resources and regional culture and heritage • gradual destruction of architectural heritage • declining economic activity • long term unemployment • low work ethics • poverty
  • Strengths

    Architectural heritage, authentic culture and language, clean air and water, space, great natural resources, silence, low crime rate, low cost of housing.

  • Opportunities

    • Increasing focus and attention to development in this space by research institutions, universities, local and international NGOs and funding institutions.

    • Development of agricultural value chains opening up opportunities for agri-processing.

    • Increasing development of niche-tourism


Creating Sustainability in the Karoo

Sustainability - Resilience - Growth - Pride
  • Purpose

    • Rolling out small business incubators and youth development programs in partnership with local government and community members.
    • Enabling economic injection through the renovation of existing natural, cultural and agricultural resources.

  • Inspiration

    Converging economic and ecological value chain opportunities for the benefit of socio-economic sustainability and development, improving the quality of life of these communities and the life around it.

Footsteps Foundation Projects

Become a project champion:


• The wool and sheep value chain re-novation • Agricultural value chain development • Karoo crop development and experimental farming • Small scale farmer development • Donkey and horse rehabilitation sanctuary



• Niche Karoo tourism • Archeological landmarks • Historical landmarks • Karoo Art and other routes • Accommodation and supporting services • Karoo cooking experience • Hunting tourism



• Processing of agricultural products • Manufacturing of Karoo specific products for export


Youth development

• Sport development and coaching • Youth volunteering • Art, dance, music, theatre development • Technology training and development • Leadership development academy


Architectural heritage

• Building renovation and maintenance cluster • Building and town development guidelines


Small business development

• Incubator establishment • SME training and support • Technology enablement


Environmental restoration and protection

• Green farming practices including predator management • Renewable energy development • Cleaning up of the environment • Greening of the town • Recycling

Activities of the Foundation

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The role of the Foundation is to:

• Structure, plan, initiate, negotiate, resource, and source financing, and then guide, govern and monitor the implementation of the various programmes, projects and businesses.

• Enable broad community communication, involvement and participation, and define projects leading to the creation of:

  • SOCIAL upliftment projects focusing on youth development through sport, art, leadership development and volunteering.

  • ECONOMIC entities and ownership by community members – through pick-a-business and incubation concepts to train and support new business owners moving away from survival, to sustainability, growth and thriving

  • ECOLOGICAL projects and green business opportunities.

• Strategic partnering with international, national, provincial and local government and government agencies, private investment entities, other related foundations and NGOs and individuals who have an interest in participating in any one or more of these programs.

• Work closely with research institutions involving master’s and doctoral students to focus on particular research projects contributing to the achievement of the overall development objectives of the community.

• Work closely with local farming community, local government, local business owners, social leaders and education institutions.

• Promote ‘Adopt-a-Project’ strategy to corporate social responsibility programs.

Current and future research focus on lessons learnt from other regions, towns, similar cases, value chains and research already undertaken.

Tools & Resources

Expert research projects • formal research institutions • innovative technologies • MotherFox governance values • principles and practices • students and volunteers • project management • government agencies for guidance and resourcing (DTI Incubator Handbook) • government and other focused funding sources • tried and tested business models and lessons from initiatives already successfully deployed elsewhere!


  • Individual contributions, participation, private funding and shareholding opportunities exist through a number of vehicles
  • Specific project participation
  • Championing a project
  • Volunteering time and expertise
  • Making a donation
  • Stewardship role from incubation to sustainability and growth
  • Shareholding


The Footsteps Foundation is a not for profit Trust that undertakes activities for public benefit, and is registered with the Department of Social Development (197-420 NPO). It has a three-tiered structure, including Trustees, Executive Team with Strategic Partners, and Project Champions.
Chair: Mr Gregory Cronje CA(SA)

Greg is a consummate professional who gained extensive experience over 20 years in managing resources on large assignments as well as reporting on these at Executive Management and Audit Committee level. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Registered Auditor and Tax practitioner who trained and worked in 2 big four audit firms. He was a finance director of the local chapter of an international donor organisation. He currently chairs two audit committees and is a past member of the Executive Committee of the Western Cape Institute of Internal Auditors. His life philosophy is talking is nothing but doing is something.

Chair: Mr Gregory Cronje CA(SA)
Footsteps Foundation trustee
Trustee: Ms Lisle Svenson

Lisle is a Seasoned Management Consultant, Project Manager, Researcher, Facilitator and Lecturer with over 12 years experience in Business and Management Consulting with many large firms in South Africa. Her cross-industry experience spans both the private and public sector. She lectures Principles of Business Management, Project Management and Strategic Management at the School of Business & Finance at the University of the Western Cape and serves as a trustee on the Distell Development Trust. She is currently working on her Phd proposal on agricultural value chains, cluster and SMME development..

Trustee: Ms Lisle Svenson
Footsteps Foundation trustee
Trustee: Mrs Kathleen Elizabeth Steyn

Kathy’s vocation spans 26 years of facilitation, lecturing, corporate coaching and instructional design. This experience was gained consulting with numerous South African entrepreneurial companies; national and international corporate companies; SA parastals and management colleges. She has a degree in Chemistry (UCT) and a BSc (Hons) Psychology - (Unisa). Her motivation and inspiration is driven by Einstein’s famous quote: “Nothing happens until something moves”.

Trustee: Mrs Kathleen Elizabeth Steyn
Footsteps Foundation trustee
Dr Karin Badenhorst

Karin has a PhD in ICT and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town. She was a partner with Andersen and EY, but prefers to work independently and in partnership with the big players for the benefit of the small emerging organizational and social leaders, who may become the new leaders of the future. She is the founder of the Footsteps Foundation and the MotherFox set of values based governance principles. She is currently working on the re-novation of selected agricultural and other value chains for the benefit of vulnerable rural and small town communities.

Dr Karin Badenhorst
Footsteps Foundation Founder
Advocate Brian Victor

A Legal, Trust and Financial Specialist, specialising in Estate & Financial Planning and Trust Law, including training of Trustees. Brian is also a part-time writer in his field of expertise, but aiming to finish that novel one day. Specialties include Estate & Financial Planning, Trust Law, Wills and Contracts.

Advocate Brian Victor
Operational Team: Legal adviser
Derek Whitehead

Derek has a tertiary qualification with Graphic Design and Marketing as a major, a Business to Business Marketing Diploma, together with constant Brand Positioning and Production experience working with a Positioning Specialist, re-aligning reputable brands. Marketing Management and Digital Communication Strategy are Derek's key areas, with a very strong creative background. Derek has gained more than 15 years experience within the Marketing and Internet industry, with in-depth knowledge of Web Development, Broadcast Production, Telecoms and the Internet industry.

Derek Whitehead
Operational Team: Web enablement & Marketing Strategy
JD Knoblauch (Boland Secretarial Services)

J.D. grew up on a farm in the Overberg. He received a B.Acc degree and a B.Com (Hons) in Financial Management. J.D. did tax audits for SARS, gaining manufacturing experience in the steel and textile industries and has his own accounting practice for the past 17 years. His focus is on starting and assisting small business owners.

JD Knoblauch (Boland Secretarial Services)
Operational Team: Business Case & Financial Model

Strategic Partners

The Foundation also works closely with a number of Strategic partners

Ferdie van Schalkwyk

ICT expertise partner to facilitate the development of the Footsteps Foundation Incubator and the enablement of digital connectivity to the SDVRCs across the Northern Cape Karoo, through a community owned network (GKN = Groot Karoo Netwerk).

Ferdie van Schalkwyk
Manager: IT and Business Solutions
Professor Doreen Atkinson

Strategic development partner to promote and facilitate resourcing of the development projects of the Footsteps Foundation.

Professor Doreen Atkinson
Trustee & Co-founder
Derek Whitehead

Jumpstarter is a new way to fund creative projects for individuals, charities and businesses. We believe that: A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide. A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

Derek Whitehead
Chief Operations Director
Allistair Gibbons

Karoo Hoogland is an administrative area in the Namakwa District of Northern Cape in South Africa. Hoogland an Afrikaans word meaning "highland" and Karoo is a Khoi word meaning "hard" or "dry". The municipality incorporates the towns of Williston, Fraserburg and Sutherland. The Footsteps Foundation is working closely with the Karoo Hoogland Municipality on development projects in the region.

Allistair Gibbons
Local Economic Develpment & IDP Manager

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