Activities of the Foundation

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The role of the Foundation:

• Structure, plan, initiate, negotiate, resource, and source financing for various programmes, projects, product and business developments

• Broad community and stakeholders communication, involvement, and participation.

• Guide, govern and monitor the implementation of these programmes, projects and businesses, enabling:

  • SOCIAL upliftment projects focusing on youth development through sport, art, technology and leadership development and city youth volunteering.

  • ECONOMIC entities and ownership by community members – through pick-a-business and incubation concepts to train and support new business owners moving away from survival, to sustainability, growth and thriving

  • ECOLOGICAL projects and green business opportunities

• Alignment and strategic partnering with international and local policy and government entities, private sector, industry bodies, other NGOs and individuals who have an interest in participating

• Collaboration with research institutions involving post graduate and commissioned research sharing common outcome objectives

• Work closely with local farming community, local government, local business owners, social leaders and education institutions

• Promote ‘Adopt-a-Project’ initiative to corporate social responsibility programs and the broader community.

Current and future research focus on lessons learnt from other regions, towns, similar cases, value chains and research already undertaken.